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Led by an array of experienced teachers across various classes including basics, flow, hatha, stretch, prenatal & postpartum, yin & yang, arm balancing and handstands - there is something for everyone! Mats and props are provided so just bring the self, a small towel and a refillable water bottle.

Mudita is easily defined as  the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being.


Here, the studio embodies and fosters joy at the good things that happen to the people around us.

As we hustle and bustle in vibrancy each day, unselfish joy is a neglected and often overlooked virtue. We offer you a space to embrace and celebrate achievements for the self and others through love, support and friendship.

Through awareness, we shape-shift the way our minds are habituated. And right here at MUDITĀ, we encourage that through support and growth with our community.

Be ready to immerse yourself in a place of play, laughter and fun as we discover the inner essence of boundless joy that is accessible by and for everyone.

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